A Holistic Defense Against Covid-19

  Albert Wong

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Compared with previous viruses, Covid-19 is viewed as a “deceptive virus” because of its various infectiveness towards its victims according to their age, state of health and the virus’ mutant strain. Hence, a holistic physico-, immuno- and early defense strategy towards the coronavirus should be more viable than relying on specific drugs and vaccines which are usually “too little too late” to deal with errant viruses like Covid-19. Hence, a general and generic approach that includes TCM and physical human protection appears to be the best defense to be deployed against the current and future pandemics.

TCM Therapy

The overwhelming evidence of TCM’s effectiveness in dealing with SARS and Covid-19 is so compelling that the HK authority would be doing its citizens a disservice if TCM is not actively and expeditiously included in the fight against the coronavirus. As a preventive measure, the authority should promote the use of suitable TCM herbal decoctions to foster individual vitality and immunity as a preventive measure against the virus. Hospital authority practitioners should paired up with TCM practitioners to diagnose patients in the “pandemic ward” and to administer Chinese medicines that have been deemed effective by the Mainland regulatory authority. Effective but yet-to-be approved medicines should be granted an emergency-use status based on their efficacy demonstrated in the Mainland.

If a “mobile cabin hospital 方艙醫院” is to be built to shelter the light to medium case patients, TCM practitioners’ participation has been proven to be indispensable in the Wuhan experience. It’d be preferable that the “mobile cabin hospital” be administrated by TCM practitioners.

4-D Anti-pandemic Total Solution

Besides strengthening internally the vitality of the citizens using TCMs, their persons, their environments and their belongings should also be protected from viruses contamination by physical means. This “total protection” encompasses four areas:

  1. Personal ‘defense’ These include face masks, shields, goggles, gowns and sanitizers.
  2. Areal ‘disinfection’ Indoor air purifiers using the latest plasma technology, developed by Hong Kong scientists, is the only technology that is currently capable of  annihilating 100% of micro-organisms and chemical impurities. Plasma air purifiers are now available as hand-held, desktop, wall-mount and rollable devices. Central air conditioning retrofits are also available for large spaces. The Hong Kong Airport control tower and one of the MTR terminus already led the way to install the purifiers.
  3. Surface ‘decontamination’ By applying bacteria- and virus-decimating paints and sprays  (another product developed by a Hong Kong university) to various surfaces, body and hand contaminations can be minimized.
  4. Antiviral ‘devices’ These devices can be used to kill viruses on various personal articles such as garments and handbags etc.

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