To Establish HK as a Chinese Medicine Internationall Center

  Council,  MCMIA

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Monitoring and Assessing the CMDC Performance

The progress of the CMDC should be monitored continually and periodically report back to C.E. to ensure it stays on course and to guarantee its effective use of the allocated resources. The following could be used as benchmarks to measure CMDC’s performance:

  1. International recognition of HK as a CM center with measurable increase in international CM business and scientific traffic through HK
  2. Overall confirmation of CM quality and safety improvements by unbiased authorities
  3. Establishment of one or more integrative medicine service models in HK with exchange in service and training with centers of excellence in China.
  4. Establishment of a CM informatics center as an international hub for cooperation in the construction, collation, analysis, dissemination and exchange of CM information.
  5. Establishment of Chinese Medicine Specialty Colleges with the development of standards and training programs in CM specialties
  6. Establishment of a CM Research Council with measurable increases in the development of novel CM products and advancement of CM culture, philosophy, science and technology.


This proposal points out that the recent Central Government’s CM policy changes and the improving international receptiveness toward CM are creating an international CM industry and a global CM market. Fortunately, the development of HK’s CM in recent years has made it possible for HK to take advantage of the emerging opportunities.

However, HK government needs to be a strong supporter to the local CM industry by formulating a comprehensive and consistent policy to modernize the CM industry, to establish the CM infrastructure and to declare HK’s firm determination to be an international center for CM.

Towards these ends, MCMIA proposes that the government should establish and fund an agency, CMDC, to implement a plan to build up a modern CM industry and to establish the CMIC in Hong Kong.

The modernized CM industry could play a constructive role in the economic restructuring of HK and strengthen its base to face the tumultuous economic challenges of the 21st century. Being a sophisticated knowledge- and technology-based industry, it is expected to create many new high-paying jobs and high returns for Hong Kong, Mainland and other parts of the world.

If nurtured properly, the modern CM industry could also become a stout social and economic pillar that brings health and prosperity to the HK citizens in the decades to come.

First Publication: November 2008
Second Printing: March 2009
Author : Albert B Wong, Ph.D.