To Establish HK as a Chinese Medicine Internationall Center

  Council,  MCMIA

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Capturing the Opportunities

CM Industry Cluster
  1. Herbal plantation
  2. R&D
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Trading/marketing
  5. Informatics
  6. Education
  7. Insurance
  8. Medical Tourism
  9. Wellness & Treatment
  10. Rehabilitation & Palliation

As described in the previous sections, a global CM industry and its accompanying markets are emerging. Given the fast pace of economic growth in China, we expect this industry in the Mainland will move toward maturation very quickly.

However, many of the essential elements to help internationalize CM are still lacking in the Mainland. This gives HK a rare window of opportunity to step in and serve as a viable platform and a conduit in the globalization process of CM. In short, HK has the wherewithal to assume the position as a Chinese Medicine international center (CMIC).

There are many sub-sectors within the global CM industry (see table) that, together, form a CM industry cluster and HK has the ability to serve and support most of these sub-sectors effectively at various capacities. Hence HK’s role can be viewed as a HK mediated international exchange and service platform where domestic or international members of these sectors can gather to find their collaborators and to obtain useful information, products and services to further the advancement of their own concerns.

The success of a Chinese Medicine international center depends on a robust local modernized CM industry. The modernized HK CM industry will bring many benefits to the city that will go way beyond what the traditional CM industry has hitherto delivered.