Graduate Student symposium Abstracs

  1. Quantitative comparison of drug efficacy in treating hot flashes in patients with breast cancer  
    Ting Li 1, Juan Yang 1, Yinghua Lv 1, Fang Yin 1, Ling Xu 1, Hongxia Liu 1, Qingshan Zheng 1, Lujin Li 1
  2. Study on identification and growth year of mountain-cultivated ginseng based on LC-MS technology  
    Zhang Yanxin
  3. Comparative Analysis of the Medical Theory of the original text “Tiao- Jing- Men “of ” Furen Daquan Liang Fang ” and the ” Jiaozhu Furen Liang Fang “  
    Mei-Fei Chen1,2, Jaung-Geng Lin3,*, Huey-Yi Chen4,5,*, Shu-Mei Chou3 ,Yung-Hsiang Chen 4 ,Wen-Ling Liao4,6
  4. The electroacupuncture switches macrophage phenotype in inflammatory pain model  
    Jie CHEN1, Haiyong CHEN1, Lixing LAO1*
  5. Activating Wnt/β-catenin Signaling Pathway for Disease Therapy: Challenges and Opportunities  
    Piao Huang, Rong Yan, Xue Zhang, Lei Wang, Xisong Ke, Yi Qu
  6. Protection of the Extracts of Mucuna macrocarpa against Carbon-Tetrachloride Induced Hepatic Injury in Rats  
    HL Lu 1,2, MF Chen 1,2, HC Tseng 2, HH Chen 2 , STe Kao 1,3,*and ST Huang 1,3,*
  7. Effects of intermittent pressure imitating rolling manipulation in traditional Chinese medicine on ultrastructure and metabolism in injured human skeletal muscle cells  
    H Zhang1, LJ Zhao1, HZ Guan1, Howe Liu2, David C. Mason2
  8. Dendrobium nobile has protective effects against high glucose-evoked nephrotoxicity in mouse glomerulus mesangial cells  
    MF Chen1,2, HC Tseng2, HH Chen2, IM Liu3* and STe Kao1,4*
  9. Study on the mechanism of Feiyan Ning decoction cooperates cisplatin against lung cancer based on autophagy  
    YUE MA1, LF WANG 1, ZY XU1
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  1. Polydatin suppresses the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-induced angiogenesis through binding with VEGF and inhibiting its receptor signaling  
    Winnie Wei-Hui Hub, Huai-You Wang, Xiang-Peng Kongo, Ran Duano, Gallant Kar-Lun Chana.b, Tina Ting-Xia Dongo, Karl Wah-Keung Tsim
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